How to decorate a garden

the best ideas for original design with your own hands

Many gardeners and summer residents spend a large amount of time on their site. It is natural to strive to make it as cozy and beautiful as possible, pleasing to the eye


Decorating garden paths

Paths made with a variety of materials can give the garden an original, unusual look

Wooden sawn paths

For them, dissolve the log into round pieces with a height of about 150 to 200 mm (at a height below 100 mm, there is a risk of popping the saw out of the ground). The bark must be removed to avoid further peeling

Brick paths

The clinker track will last longer. Masonry can go in straight rows, herringbone, square-nest method (two bricks are laid across, the next two-along).

Concrete walkways

Concrete elements will be a great idea to decorate the garden by creating original paths. For their production, you can use plastic molds sold in construction stores, or make a wooden or iron mold yourself


Installing benches

Wrought-iron or wooden benches placed in places of recreation - shady alleys, in a gazebo-will give the garden a cozy look. They can be painted with bright colors.

Very well will look benches made by your own hands. The legs are round logs, and the seat and back are made of sawn logs.

At the same time, it is not necessary that the log to be sawed is smooth. A slight curvature will only add to the originality of the bench

In the evening, beautiful lamps will create a magical atmosphere. These elements for the decoration of the garden on the site can have a variety of shapes and sizes

You can install them even in the absence of electricity, using alternative power sources:

purchase solar-powered models (LED);
use candles

Solar-powered lamps can be wall-mounted, lawn-mounted, or park-mounted. They should be placed in places that are illuminated by sunlight. The number of LEDs depends on the degree of brightness, and the type of battery, its capacity and voltage – the duration of operation in the dark


Creating flower beds

Flower beds created in some original way or using unusual objects can become a real decoration of the site. What can you do to decorate with your own hands?

Use objects that are not intended for this purpose at all as flower pots. It can be an old rubber boot, watering can, umbrella, coconut shell, basket, wooden box, etc.

Decorate them by pasting shells, pebbles, pieces of colored glass, wooden saws. Paint with bright colors. Make a flower bed from an old car tire

You can leave it in its original form, simply painting it in any color to your liking, or you can remove the hard rim on one side, cut out the petals from the sidewall and turn it inside out, after wetting the surface with soapy water. You will get a beautiful flower bed in the shape of a flower


The largest number of tips for decorating a garden with your own hands refers to the installation of garden figurines, sculptures, and sculptural compositions on various parts of it. Their options are huge.

Ready-made models can be purchased in the store. It is even more interesting to make them with your own hands. The material can be different: wood, plaster, plastic bottles, car tires, stones, unnecessary things, etc.